Prayer for Vocations

Prayer for Vocations

Jesus, sent by the Father and consecrated by the Holy Spirit, you came to save all people and you continue your mission in the world of today through your disciples.

May your Holy Spirit inspire men and women to participate in this ongoing ministry to peoples, groups and individuals who have not heard the Good News, or scarcely so: to those whose needs are greatest: to the oppressed, and to those for whom the Church has difficulty finding labourers.

Mary, mother of Jesus and our blessed mother, you watched over and guided the formation of your Son in Nazareth. Foster and strengthen among your Son's disciples the call to serve as priests, religious and lay ministers in the ever challenging world of evangelisation. Amen

“The history of every priestly vocation, as indeed of every Christian vocation, is the history of an inexpressible dialogue between God and human beings, between the love of God who calls and the freedom of individuals who respond lovingly to him.”

- Pope John Paul II