Missions Overseas

Missions Overseas

The first Spiritan from the United Kingdom to go on mission overseas was Fr. Henry Parkinson. He went to Sierra Leone in West Africa, in 1925.

As numbers grew, more followed him, others were sent to the mission in Southern Nigeria and Mauritius, while a few went to East Africa, the Caribbean and beyond.

Today, British Spiritans continues to work in 9 overseas missions:

· Australia
· South Africa
· Kenya
· Nigeria
· Ghana
· Tanzania
· Rome


The Spiritan missionary outreach and ministries have been a seed bed of exciting developments in all these parts of the world.

Some of the specific Spiritan mission engagements include:

· Parish/ pastoral work, some in areas of first evangelisation
· Education: teaching, administration and chaplaincy in all levels of educational institutions
· Youth ministry
· Retreat and Spiritual Animation ministry for various groups
· Justice and Peace initiatives
· Community development and poverty alleviation schemes
· Foundation of new religious Congregations by a few of the members.