Contact Information


6 Woodland Road
Bickley, Bromley

T: 020 - 8467 3555
F: 020 - 8295 4965

Community Members
Fr. John Kitchen
- Facilities & Maintenance manager
Br Francis Dometiero
Fr. John Beirne
-Oatlands Care Home, Anerley



The Spiritan Bickley community has seem many transitions and transformations. The latest was the move of the Spiritan retirement community to Chester, in 2015.

The Bickley community dates back to 1947 when the property was purchased as the Provincial Administration and a centre for ‘late Vocations'.

It welcomed ex-servicemen who wished to be missionary priests, including many of our elderly Spiritans. The ‘late Vocations' centre closed in the early 60's and the Community continued to serve as the Provincial Administration centre until this was transferred to north west London in 1990. Then the building was adapted to be more practical for the care for our increasingly elderly members.

Since late 2015, the Bickley community has become largely a residential community, offering residential retreat space and B&B.

In this way, it has continued to be a lively community, welcoming Spiritan Missionaries on transit through London, and those wishing stay for a well-earned rest while on leave from the missions. This enables the community to keep alive its former missionary links and renew old friendships and acquaintances.